Unchained Nuzlocke

In a corrupted Hoenn, inequality between people and pokemon has raised tension to its peak and one girl has the power to stop it. Emerald, an eighteen year old with the remarkable gift of being able to understand pokemon speech, sets out on a journey to become the champion of the region in order to change Hoenn's laws and finally bring peace between humanity and pokemon.

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April Fools 2017 by Naither
April 4th, 2017, 6:30 pm
Hey Everyone!

I made a joke page for April Fools day but it was too big to post and I didn't want to post it in chunks like I post the actual comic (because then it would take a week for the prank to get through and tbh would be v confusing) So if any of you want to read it just follow this~


Much love~

xx Naither